WRS in-person ringing resumed in April 2021 after being halted for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we currently have a somewhat variable schedule as well as some COVID-related requirements that people ringing with us must meet. Therefore, visiting ringers wishing to ring with us MUST contact us (email info@washingtonringingsociety.org) ahead of time to determine whether this will be possible.

In early 1983, the Cathedral Ringing Society, which had been founded in October 1963 after the installation of the Cathedral bells, was renamed and reorganized as The Washington Ringing Society (WRS) in recognition of the new bells installed at the Old Post Office Tower. This organization is based in Washington DC and is dedicated to English change ringing.  Members of the WRS range from age 15 to 80 and come from many different walks of life that include teachers, computer programmers, lawyers, students, doctors, archivists, and musicians. 

Below is a brief video that shows members of the WRS ringing at the Cathedral and describes change ringing.